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Original filter cartridges

Original filter cartridges

Only the original cartridge can guaranteed the filter performance.

What are the implications of using non-genuine filter cartridges?

Atlas Copco - Cartidges side
Even if an alternative cartridge fits, it hasn’t been designed specifically for Atlas Copco line filters and therefore not be a 100% match. This could mean a higher pressure drop and increased energy consumption of you air system. This increases the Total Lifecycle Cost of your compressed air system. Moreover, non-genuine filter cartridges are very likely to have inferior filtration efficiency, and therefore a higher risk for damaging your downstream equipment or process. Atlas Copco cartridges are the result of extensive R&D work on state-of-the art in-house test facilities, and their performance cannot be copied easily.

When is filter cartridge replacement recommended?

UD+, DD(+), PD(+); QDT: at least once a year or every 4.000 hours.

DDp(+), PDp(+): at least once a year or every 4.000 hours or when the pressure drop reaches 350 mbar.

QD(+): at least once a year or every 1.000 hours.