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Media / Application stories / Compressed air and vacuum in the Formula One Championship

Compressed air and vacuum in the Formula One Championship


For the new headquarter of Scuderia Toro Rosso, one of ten car manufacturers participating in the Formula 1 Championship, Atlas Copco is the main character together with its new GA VSD + compressors and GHS VSD + vacuum pumps, offering the most advanced technical and performance in sustainability and energy saving. The advantages include having a single supplier for multiple uses.

Atlas Copco Italy - Toro Rosso

Scuderia Toro Rosso has recently moved to a new building not far from the previous one, in Faenza (Ravenna - Italy). Along with the new premises, they renewed all equipment as well as compressed air and vacuum system. The renewal of production area was made with cutting-edge facilities: from design to working area and test performances, just to name a few.

The new reality has seen Atlas Copco as leading actor, proposing its new GA VSD + compressors and GHS VSD + vacuum pumps and offering the most advanced technical and performance in sustainability and energy saving.

The key factor

Toro Rosso minded to renew the plant with the most advanced technologies with load/unload compressors with the VSD version, in order to increase energy efficiency and meet air demand with their variable needs. Having one single supplier, both for air compressors and vacuum pumps, was the key factor of their decision to choose Atlas Copco.

Compressed air at Scuderia Toro Rosso is used for suppling power to pneumatic equipment, and for services too, but above all, for molding carbon-fiber composites parts.

Complete Supply

  • Compressed air
About compressed air, the supply consisted of 5 compressors of 22 kW, 3 of which are GA + (+ means greater efficiency and consequent increased energy saving) with a flow rate of 209 m3 / h at a pressure of 10 bar, on-off and 2 GA VSD + variable speed interior permanent magnet motors (iPM). This number of compressors assures required air and pressure, because any downtime while processing the carbon fiber may irremediably damage the piece. Tanks, filters and refrigeration dryers have also been delivered along with the compressors. To complete the supply, Atlas Copco supplied Toro Rosso with a system of water treatment and a control system ES6 for compressors management and optimization.
  • Vacuum
As regards the vacuum, we have provided two GHS 350 VSD + screw lubricated pumps, a machine born from GA technology, equipped with all instrumentation in order to run unattended, with an identical Plc of the compressors: a clear advantage for customer because, with the same software, it can handle both compressed air and  vacuum system. It is a "plug and play", with inverter and consequent significant advantages related to reduced energy consumption; and in this particular case, once reached the required vacuum level, it only needs to keep it, with no need to work at full load, as a standard machine would do. Specific advantages obtained by Toro Rosso with this machine are in brief: screw technology, low power consumption and one only supplier for compressed air and vacuum system. These pumps are, each, to 400 m3 / h and an installed capacity of only 5.5 kW and can reach a residual pressure of 0.35 mbar absolute. For the above mentioned reasons, one pump is working and the second one is a backup pump.


To complete the safety of the entire plant, agreements regarding the supply of a system for on-site nitrogen production are still in progress. It will be used inside the autoclaves, in order to improve the carbon fiber polymerization process and avoiding at the same time, any possible fire.

Customer Event

Some of Atlas Copco Italy‘s customers participated in an exclusive Customer Event at Scuderia Toro Rosso’s headquarter in Italy. The first part of the day regarded the presentation of Atlas Copco technologies, installed in these new premises. The guests were offered a tasty dinner in a nearby restaurant, dedicated to Minardi, founder of the Team, sold to Red Bull about a decade ago. In the afternoon, the guests had the privilege to visit the whole plant of the Scuderia and all its modern departments, where all parts of the F1 cars are designed and produced. They were also able to "touch" the latest model used in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, the last of the season. Opportunity very much welcomed and appreciated by our customers! Atlas Copco in pole position!

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