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Lower operating costs with Atlas Copco’s XAS 746


In 2007 Atlas Copco launched its new XAS 746 Cd compressor, a versatile compressor for applications requiring very high volume air at medium pressure.

XAS 746
As of March, the new XAS 746 Cd compressor is replacing Atlas Copco’s former XASE 745 Gd model. 
To help customers reduce their operating costs, Atlas Copco applied more efficient compressor screw elements, allowing the new model to deliver the same compressed air output with a smaller engine and in a smaller canopy. The new XAS 746 Cd unit will not only be able to replace several smaller units, it also weighs approximately than 15% less compared to its predecessor.
With the introduction of this new portable compressor, Atlas Copco can now supply compressed air with one single unit for heavy duty operations in air separation processes, applications that need large quantities of utility air, rental applications, sandblasting and quarries. 
The Atlas Copco XAS 746 Cd is an oil-injected, rotary screw compressor providing a free air delivery of 753 l/s (45,2 m³/min, 1600 cfm) at a normal effective working pressure of 7 bar (100 psi ) up to 645 l/s (38.7 m³, 1370 cfm) at 10.3 bar (150 psi). This compressor is powered by a Caterpillar C-13 ATAAC diesel engine rated at 328 kW (440 hp).
A proven stepless regulating control system provides the required working pressure between 7 bar (100 psi) and 10.3 bar (150 psi). 
Working in conjunction with a regulating valve and the electronic control module, the engine is automatically adjusted to ensure the correct power setting; resulting in optimal power utilisation.

Low cost of ownership

This compressor is designed to reduce the customer’s cost of ownership to a minimum. First and foremost with the help of Atlas Copco’s FuelXpertTM. This completely new and unique fuel saving system electronically regulates the engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimise fuel consumption.

Sustainable development

The XAS 746 Cd meets current and proposed European and U.S. legal requirements for working environments (ISO 14001), and complies with international safety, exhaust emission and noise regulations. 
In addition to providing heavy duty productivity power, the new compressor also meets current regulations for low exhaust emissions.
The engine fully complies with EC Stage 3a and US Tier III emission requirements.
Standard units are also silenced to meet a sound power level below 104 dB (A). 
Built and tested to ISO 9001 quality standards, the compressors are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.

A wide range of options

Standard units are available fitted on either a four-wheel wagon undercarriage or a four-wheel tandem undercarriage with overrun brakes and a mechanical parking brake for additional safety. A small turning circle allows easy manoeuvrability. The new compressor is also available in skid-mounted version and without undercarriage to enable fixation on trucks or for stationary applications.

A wide range of other options can be factory fitted to suit the operator.

For further information please contact:

  • Sam Waes,  Divisional Communications Manager Portable Air Division 
    Phone: +32 (0)3 450 62 63
    E-mail: sam.waes@be.atlascopco.com 

Divisione Portable Air

Portable Air è una divisione della Business Area di Atlas Copco Compressori e Gruppi Elettrogeni. Sviluppa, produce e commercializza compressori d'aria mobili oil-free e ad iniezione d'olio, gruppi elettrogeni per alimentazione principale o ausiliaria in tutto il mondo, sotto diversi marchi, per industrie edili e generali. La divisione offre inoltre servizi di noleggio temporaneo per soluzioni di aria compressa e alimentazione in mercati geografici e settori produttivi selezionati. La sede principale della divisione e i centri di produzione più importanti sono ubicati ad Anversa, Belgio.