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Media / Novità su prodotti e servizi / New 18-Series Grinders from Atlas Copco

New 18-Series Grinders from Atlas Copco


The power to get the job done – the new grinders from Atlas Copco are not only powerful but with a lubricant-free motor, they provide the same top power output day in, day out. In addition to this, operators get maximum rpm even when they push these grinders thanks to a built-in speed governor.

The 18-Series grinders come with a promise: once you have tried them, you are going to want them.
That’s what Rikard Lantz has found at Slip & Mekaniktjänst in Eskilstuna, Sweden. “They’re always the first tools off the shelves in the morning,” Rikard explains. Slip & Mekaniktjänst are subcontracted by companies such as ABB, Scania and Volvo to process aluminium castings, sometimes containing solidified chunks of sand. “If the grinders weren’t this powerful, it would take much longer to finish a job,” says operator Johan Fornstedt. “We really push them, but these tools are made to last.”

500 watts from 0.5 kg tool

The 18-Series grinders are the same weight and size as their predecessors, but deliver almost double the power – 500 watts, for example – from a machine weighing just 0.5 kg. Despite the boost in power, there’s no increase in air consumption, or noise levels.
Motors that are improperly lubricated suffer from premature wear and drop in performance. But thanks to the new lubricant-free motor, owners of the 18-Series grinders can expect top performance day in, day out.

A real productivity booster

“The 18-Series feature a speed governor, which is unusual in tools of this size,” says Jörgen Karling, Product Manager. A speed governor ensures the high maximum rpm is maintained, even when operators push the grinders. “The speed governor is a real productivity booster,” Jörgen explains.

New angle head with 5 year guarantee

The series hosts a new system that overcomes temperature and leakage problems commonly associated with angle head tools. The solution is two-fold: a specially designed seal, plus a patent-pending cooling system. So confident are Atlas Copco of the effectiveness of the new design that they are backing it up with a five year guarantee.

More comfortable and more economical

The LSF straight models provide highly effective vibration dampening. The obvious advantage is the reduction of operators’ exposure to vibrations. But the cushioned action also prevents rattle and ricochet when working inside weld seams. This results in smoother, more productive grinding, plus lower wear on burrs.

High power, low noise

Despite the high power of the new grinders, they are surprisingly quiet. Noise has been minimized in three ways. First, an all-new, patented motor design has resulted in a significant reduction. Noise levels have been further reduced by leading exhaust air through a silencer at the back of the tool. And finally, exhaust air is piped away in a hose, reducing noise still further.

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Atlas Copco è leader mondiale nella fornitura di soluzioni per la produttività industriale.

I prodotti e i servizi offerti variano dalle apparecchiature per gas e aria compressa, gruppi elettrogeni, apparecchiature per cantieri e miniere, utensili industriali e sistemi di assemblaggio ai relativi servizi di noleggio e post-vendita. In stretta collaborazione con i clienti e i partner commerciali, e con più di 130 anni di esperienza, Atlas Copco è impegnata nello sviluppo di innovazioni per una produttività superiore. Con sede principale a Stoccolma, Svezia, il gruppo copre più di 170 mercati in tutto il mondo. Nel 2007 Atlas Copco impiegava 33.000 dipendenti per un fatturato di 63 miliardi di corone svedesi (SEK).

Divisione Atlas Copco Utensili e Sistemi di Assemblaggio - Industria generale

Atlas Copco Utensili e Sistemi di Assemblaggio - Industria generale è una divisione della Business Area di Atlas Copco Industrial Technique. Commercializza utensili pneumatici ed elettrici portatili, sistemi di assemblaggio, software e servizi di assistenza ai clienti in tutto il mondo nei settori ingegneristico, aerospaziale, elettrodomestici e dispositivi elettronici di largo consumo, nel settore del trasporto e dell'alimentazione elettrica. La sede principale della divisione è ubicata a Stoccolma, Svezia.