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Quality Integrated Fastening - from tools to complete station solutions


In response to current trends towards zero-fault assembly, joint traceability and constant process improvement, Atlas Copco has developed Quality Integrated Fastening, QIF. Configured from a range of standard components, and partnered with electric nutrunners and spindles, QIF Assembly Stations are the perfect solution for the motor vehicle industry and other assembly situations where many joints are critical. The QIF concept also includes process monitoring and documentation.

Improved operator feedback

Quality Integrated Fastening
QIF Assembly Stations offer cost-effective solutions to a number of common production problems. For instance, where the operation involves repetitive tasks and short cycle times, the basic QIF station will include tool controller and a stacklight. Lamps and a buzzer give clear feedback and a key is used to acknowledge errors.

Product variance support

When a number of product variants are built on the same production line, the risk of errors is increased. A QIF Assembly Station with an integrated barcode scanner on the Tensor ST tool identifies the product variant and the correct program is selected automatically. An operator panel provides an effective operator interface, socket and bit selectors ensure correct torque selection.

Operator guidance

For more complex applications the QIF Assembly Station is equipped with a MiniDisplay showing an image of the product, clearly indicating joints to be tightened and giving build instructions. Positioning solutions can also be used to ensure that the correct bolt is tightened.

Process monitoring/documentation

In reponse to demands for joint traceability and constant process improvement. Atlas Copco offers three standard software modules. ToolsNet is data collection and process improvement software. Event Monitor provides remote real time monitoring of the events occurring in the Assembly Stataions like for example “Time for service”. Factory Overview monitors the entire plant making it easy to access any individual tightening station.

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