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Media / Novità su prodotti e servizi / The new Secoroc Aqua 60 DTH hammer– a unique technology for cleaner waterwells

The new Secoroc Aqua 60 DTH hammer– a unique technology for cleaner waterwells


At Atlas Copco Secoroc, we are doing our best to produce equipment that is as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why we are proud to present the Secoroc Aqua 60 – an oil-free waterwell DTH hammer. This ingenious hammer uses water instead of hammer oil as a lubricant.

Aqua 60 DTH hammer - cut up
Leif Larsson, Product Line Manager for DTH products, explains: “At Atlas Copco we are very proactive in our efforts to minimize any adverse effects our products may have on the environment. For example, it only takes a few drops of hammer oil to contaminate 1 m3 of fresh water. As a standard DTH hammer consumes up to 800 liters of lubricating oil during its service life, the risk of contamination is high. This means that newly drilled waterwells need to be flushed for a considerable period of time before they can be put to work. With this new water-lubricant technology, the Aqua 60 hammer leaves no trace of oil in the drill hole. In fact, clean fresh water can be pumped out almost straight away.”

An ingenious water-lubrication system

The Secoroc Aqua 60 has a new piston equipped with two specially designed expandable wear bands. These swell and seal the piston against the outer cylinder. Small amounts of water, instead of hammer oil, are injected into the compressed air. This air/water mix lubricates the wear bands and creates an excellent seal as well as perfect compression. Performance isn’t sacrificed either. In fact it’s as high as any oil-lubricated Secoroc 6'' DTH hammer, like the COP 64 or the QL 60.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is also very simple – just change the wear bands at regular intervals and high drill performance is retained throughout the service life of the hammer. And should the hammer be used sporadically, a few drops of COP Oil or any other environmentally friendly hammer oil are added to keep the components in pristine condition. Blowing air through the hammer for 60 seconds prior to drilling again cleans away any oil.
The upside for the drillers is twofold. They save money by not using valuable oil and they can offer their customers cleaner waterwells that are free from unnecessary contaminants and that can be put into operation faster. 

The Secoroc Aqua 60 has been tried and tested in North America with excellent results and is now available worldwide together with the wide range of Secoroc Premium Plus drill bits. 

More information

Leif Larsson, Product Line Manager DTH Products, Atlas Copco Secoroc
Phone:  +46 223 463 34, e-mail: leif.larsson@se.atlascopco.com
Mathias Lewén, Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Secoroc
Phone: +46 223 463 84, e-mail: mathias.lewen@se.atlascopco.com

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